Monday, December 31, 2007

No Matter

Doesn't Matter who you are with
Doesn't matter where you are going
Don't you know I'm still waiting here for you
And Pray for you

In the sunny days, Sun will light your day
In the windy days, Wind will lead your way
I have to say, you're my treasure moments
Never gonna walk away

In the rainy days, rains will share my tears
In the stormy days, storms will steal my pain
Just go your way and leave things all behind
Spread your wings and fly away

I'm pretending you are mine
I'm wishing you'll be mine
The moments we share never die
You've make a difference to my life

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas !!!

yo, Merry christmas to everyone out there man
well my christmas day was quite normal, went for a drink with 5 friends which is older den me
of all my christmas year, i feel this is the most siot one
last 2 years and last year was bored playing in Bukit Bintang
after having a normal christmas without........... "pek" with other people in BB
just having a couple of drink in Sunway Pyramid's QBar :P
haha... entrance Rm50 >.< sit down watching other people having fun
well, "watching" as u, ya know =P haha.. damn alot lenglui
haha, follow these guys make me more dare to 'liu' other girls dat i don't even know >=D
lol, paiseh paiseh >.<
best moment guess what, 2 girls was selling "shot"
everyone had 1 shot already while i was at the restroom
came back, all put me on "sun ju toi"
they ask one girl "wai" me drink lol
okie lor :P wakakaka, paiseh
drink until 1/2 ass drunk jor, san ban lor
aikz >.<>.<
well that's all la, damn tired liao, confirm can sleep very tenang tonight while 1/2 drunk, ciaoz

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

LoL... Siot...!!! =P

黄子华 - 奸人坚


Monday, December 17, 2007

I Am Legend

A man-made virus called KV (or Krippen Virus, originally created as a cancer vaccine) wipes out the population of world in 2009, leaving virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith) the last human survivor in New York City and possibly the world. The virus immediately killed 90% of the people on the planet, roughly 5.4 billion. Less than 1% of humans are immune, leaving roughly 12 million people unaffected. The remaining 588 million people were infected but did not die; they instead lost all normal human behavior and degenerated into a primal state driven by cannibalistic hunger, in turn killing a majority of the immune. Neville is watched by these "infected" people. The infected are strongly affected by UV radiation, so they avoid sunlight and hide in the dark underground and in buildings (called hives by Neville) then swarm out at night. Three years after the virus's destruction, Neville has not seen another normal human being and suspects that the infected have succeeded in killing the remainder of the survivors. Neville finds himself outnumbered by the infected and running out of time.

Neville is also haunted by the intense psychological trauma not only of having everyone he ever knew die, but also being completely isolated from all human contact for three years; his only companions are his dog, Sam, and various department store dummies he has set up and assigned names. Neville eventually comes up with a treatment for the virus, but initially it doesn't appear to work. When his dog companion dies from an attack by the Infected, he nearly commits suicide by attacking a large group of Infected, but is rescued by a former Red Cross member, Anna, and a child named Ethan. When the Infected attack Neville's home and overrun it, he, Anna, and Ethan rush into his laboratory in an attempt to survive. When they seal themselves in with one of the Infected Neville was studying, they realize that the treatment has started working. Neville quickly draws blood containing the cure from the patient and gives the vial to Anna. Neville locks Anna and Ethan in a safe with the vial and sacrifices himself, killing the Infected attempting to kill them. Anna and Ethan eventually travel to an isolated community of survivors in Vermont where the two give the cure to the guards.

Friday, December 14, 2007


没有地球 太阳还是会绕 
没有理由 我也能自己走


没有地球 太阳还是会绕 
没有理由 我也能自己走


Friday, November 9, 2007

Nephew ^_^

haha... actually duno what to blog... simply put something in here =P
btw my another nephew xD

Sunday, October 28, 2007













Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wasa Queen Cruise

i went for a one day cruise with my parents..
departed from Port Klang duno which port... the one Star Cruises port geh...
here's a pic of the ship =P

on the way to the ship

the view

nothing much to do there... really like a gambling ship
as usual my parents sure go for the casino geh...
hehe cukup umur masuk... confirm follow ge xD
damn smoky in the casino... 10 gambler... macam 8 oso smoking geh...
make my shirt smell damn smoky oso... ._.
quite syok oso can play with my parents in the casino...
haha so good la the service...
free food free drink...
drink damn alot of coke and ice capuccino though =P
i see them play Roulette... wa... like spread pepper only... whole table oso chip @@"
haha so good my parents even teach me some tip of gambling =x
but then i dun really find it interesting lor...
even playing blackjack... cannot touch the card... cannot 'latt pai' where got yan one wor >.< hehe ="P" here ="P">

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

damn long no blog liao...
actually nothing much have been going...
same thing goes on in my life...
gaming... yumcha... blow water omost every night...
owh... btw.. thanks wei chiang... u give me back the feeling to listen back those old song in the 90s... best la... now those new english song really cannot listen liao... give me bad impression...
example Black Eye Pea - My Hump and Akon's song...
beh soong... it even give me the feeling to whack the hell out of the artist ._.
one of the 90s song here =P

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I took for granted, all the times
That I though would last somehow
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
But I can't get near you now

Oh, can't you see it baby
You've got me goin' CrAzY

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I wonder how we can survive
This romance
But in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance

Oh, can't you see it baby
You've got me goin' cRaZy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In my cold and shivering left hand
It's a small ring
For the two who are far apart
It's the treasure that bounds them together
In the letter that arrived in the winter
There was the ring and the last word
When we meet again
I wonder if your dream will be fulfilled
Walking away from me I silently looking at your back
I want to tell you
Good luck

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

林峰 - 愛在記憶中找你

我對你 這一生 哪個可比
我與你 差一些 永遠一起
邂逅時間場地 似連場好戲

愛太重 深呼吸 欠缺空氣
愛太美 輕輕的 卻載不起
愛情來到時候 似明媚天氣
它走了 突然驟變雪落雨飛

如果可以恨你 全力痛恨你
無非想(要)放下你 還是掛念你

你太遠 該怎麼 說對不起
你太近 一轉身 卻已高飛
快樂也許太短 似場流星雨
一眨眼 就如幻愛怕又記起


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

陈奕迅 - 亲近


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Collection : Transformers

lol... i went sg wang today and bought a whole set of this...
20years ago and oso the newest edition...
>.< haha...

a lil tau kei right ? lol... hey old school la... dun play play =P

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nothing to Lose

There are times

when you make me laugh

There are moments when you drive me mad

there are seconds when

I see the light

though many times you made me cry

There's something

you don't understand

I want to be your man

Nothing to lose

your love to win

Hoping so bad

that you'll love me in

I'm at your feet

Waiting for you

I've got time

And nothing to lose

There are times

when I believe in you

These moments when I feel close to you

there are times I think

That I am yours

though many times I feel unsure

I'll always be around you

keep an eye on you

and i won't let you run

cos you are the only one

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Free !

I've been emotionally pissed off nowadays and then for no reason...
just got the stupid feeling and get pissed of easily...
1st of all... mom ask long ask short... ask until dun feel like answering and pissed...
sorry mom... u came at the wrong time ._.

well guess what...
I think I'm going to be stress free for one week :D
my parents going to be oversea for 1 week...
they are going on a holiday at Macau/HongKong...
will be out in a few hours... since now is already 1am+
they going to be out for the airport at 4am... =P
ah... i'm still not asleep... later still need go fetch them ._.
well I'm free !!! XD
gotta plan for something *evil laugh*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Walk On

And if the darkness is to keep us apart
And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Be strong

Walk on, walk on
What you got they can’t steal it
No they can’t even feel it
Walk on, walk on...
Stay safe tonight

You're packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been
A place that has to be believed to be seen
You could have flown away
A singing bird in an open cage
Who will only fly, only fly for freedom

Walk on, walk on
What you've got they can't deny it
Can’t sell it, can’t buy it
Walk on, walk on
Stay safe tonight

And I know it aches
And your heart it breaks
And you can only take so much
Walk on, walk on

Home… hard to know what it is if you’ve never had one
Home… I can’t say where it is but I know I'm going home
That's where the hurt is

Leave it behind
You've got to leave it behind
All that you fashion
All that you make
All that you build
All that you break
All that you measure
All that you steal
All this you can leave behind
All that you reason
All that you sense
All that you speak
All you dress up
All that you scheme…

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Transformers Optimus Prime !

guess what... =P
i found my Model Optimus Prime today...
that thing was like 15years ago since i got it... =p
check it out... >.<

this one is the one transformed... is real self =p

this is the one u guys saw in the movie...
yea i know its alot different >.<

and this is his 18 wheeler truck form ? =P

Friday, August 10, 2007

记得我吗 ?


Saturday, August 4, 2007

movie spree...

guess what... just got back from movies in timesquare just now...
went there and try get tickets for transformers... can get the ticket for 9:30 show =(
sigh~ left back only the 1st row... so didnt watch that...
so we switch to "FlashPoint"... starring Donnie Yen & Louis Khoo...
this the poster... =P
hey... this movie... highly recommended for action movie fans ;D
good fighting and action in this movie...
love it alot...
well here's the summary... (copied =P)

Detective Sergeant of Serious Crimes Unit, Jun (Donnie Yen) detests crime and his life long nemeses, a Vietnamese gang of three brothers - Archer, Tony and Tiger. In order to further infiltrate the gang and fight them from within, Jun has planted a mole, Wilson (Louis Koo), who has managed to gain the complete trust of the gang. Eventually, Wilson`s dual role is exposed and resulting battles leaves him handicapped for life. The day before Tiger's trial, Archer turns up at the hospital to wipe out their only witness, Wilson. Jun manages to kill Archer and protect Wilson but Wilson's girlfriend (Fan Bing Bing) is held hostage by the gang.


after this movie was about 12am already one...
den i was thinking... it actually still early...
we was really desperately wanted to watch transformers...!!!
its been a month since we wanted to watch this...
went check... the next session is on 12.20am ! :D
lol... go check it out... and got seat... xD
we oso end up watching transformers in the end...
thats why end up so late only get back =P


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm Back

Yes... i'm back...
i got back my connection at last !
alot thing happen when i'm not online...
and seriously.. i dun quite remember what i did for the pass few days...
haha... i'm getting old... lol...
oh ya... didnt do much thing when online...
last few days, i dig back those old anime / drama and watch it again...
guess what... i can't really remember some part even though i watch it b4 last time =p
well... give me sometime to flash back what i really wnana blog last few days ago...
cos... those day when i didnt get to online... i did quite alot of thinking about the past, the present... and the future =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

been sitting here whole day doing all the setting for my computer...
after reformatting my com... alot thing changes...
cause of formating is because my old motherboard was burn =(
now changing a new motherboard... the system need to be change... needing to reformat...
sitting here whole day installing all the program that i need to use back into the com...
renaming my song in my window media player...
now still doing it 1/2 way... neck oso pain already... aih >.<

Sunday, July 15, 2007

yo... damn long didnt blog adi...
haha... kinda lazy owiz =P

anyway... today i woke up the earliest during my holiday ! 9am !
lol... 9am start going to subang and reach at about 10am...
cobo say got command & conquer 3 competition at FTZ cybercafe...
so went there and 8 ha lor... with john and six...
haha... cobo won 2 matches and lost once...
2 matches won cause 2 malay guy is really damn si kiok la seriously... waste of time =P
the loses... well... cobo made mistake... even someone like not competition standard oso can see...
feel damn pro... =P

well then... after that went 1U and watch Die Hard 4.0...
wow the movie is nice seriously... from start till the end... all is action nonstop...
the type movie that i like =P
recommend for those who really like action movie... ^_^
anyway... today met snowy, yumi, and ben at 1u...
so coincidence... haha...
okie le... nothing much special anymore for today... thats all =p

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Game

It's all about the game, and how you play it
All about control, and if you can take it
All about your debt, and if you can pay it
It's all about pain, and who's gonna make it
I am the game, you don't wanna play me
I am control, no way you can change me
I am heavy debts, no way you can pay me
I am the pain, and I know you can't take me
Look over your shoulder, ready to run
Like a cleveland bitch from a smoking gun!
I am the game and I make the rules
So move on outta here and die like a fool
Try to figure out what my move's gonna be
Come on over, sucker, why don't you ask me?
Don't you forget there's a price you can pay
Cause I am the game and I want to play
It's time to play the game

Friday, June 29, 2007

22th June 2007 : Dota Clan RAWR Gathering At Murni

Cobo and Shin Asuka (dunno who this kelefeh -_-)

Cobo The Starcraft WCG 2006 Malaysia Champion !

Snowy, Me, and Sin Hoong

Kim Sun -_-

Natalie & Calvin Seow (He memang seow one =x)

Kang, dunno + dunno & John aka Mysterious

Feebee, Kenshinkyo, Kousau aka Ahpek... lol... he does look like apek =x

p.s : Hein Hoong and Six Missing In Action... think they didnt capture any photo... cham >.<

Thursday, June 28, 2007

林俊杰 - 杀手




Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Awake !!!

It's 6.25am now... and yet I'm still here blogging...
lol... still damn lifely now...
actually... i went Blitzone with Hein Hoong and Six and Krazygirl today...
a bit tiring... start playing since 9pm... we played for like 7hours man...!!!
3am !!! end it... starting... play like 4 game of dota... thought ciao adi...
after closing wc3... all still duwan to ciao... end up... open CS !!!
play play.... until 3 -.-
den go yumcha... omg~lol didnt know can yumcha suddenly already4.30 like that....
cannot liao... all rush balik...
yumcha i learn something... listen oso wanna laugh back...
he was saying that 2 guys was fighting... and throwing punch like a circle... round round 2 punch rounding... the head moving away from each other... while throwing punch... they both keep "machaohai machaohai machaohai" lol... funny...
the fren who is watching them fighting... den say... wow... this is the "Machaohai Ceh Loon Quen?"
lol... cant believe he can make such shit out.... cant stop laughing la... lol...
k la... all ciao back home...

while driving... 5am.... guess what... dad call me all of a sudden...
"zai... where r u...? i awake liao still dun come home ?"
wa... it's been a long time since they call me when i go out late...
felt surprise lo... reply back lo "coming back la... driving... bye~"
lol... reach home 5.30++
omg~ my dad at downstairs waiting me while watching tv...
me "still dun sleep ?"
dad "hungry already... make coffee and drink le"
me "aiya dun make la... come la... we go yumcha at mamak stall"
lol... he say yes wor o_o "wait me change shirt and brush teeth la"
hehe... yumcha lo.. near near outside my hse...
after yumcha go home... now going to sleep le...
lol... i can see the sky is going to turn bright soon !!!
:P okay... ciao... night~ :O

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chew chew chew~ :O

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Animation : Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry follows the adventures of the demon hunter Dante who himself is half demon and half human. Dante is hired through his own business named "Devil May Cry". The characters are based off of the popular capcom playstation 2 games.

Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Action

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


my connection having some stupid disconnection problem now...
got a bit fed up of it already... browse 1/2 den not loading... DC~
download thing 1/2.... DC~
wow maintenance + connection disconnection problem
what a good combination -_-
this is damn fucking bullshit man...!

Drug ? Emptiness ?

I never understand why people used drugs.
It's all because of emptiness inside.
So what's worse... the emptiness... or the drugs ?
I really don't know

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gathering 2007 - SSG Form 5 Batch 2005

juz back from the gathering in "The Bangles" just opposite Great Eastern Building...
guess way... we pay rm39 for something that i can eat just outside my house for just less den rm10...
but then suan le... guess we not really paying for the food that we took =P
is the moment of reunion for those that we did not meet for quite sometimes =)
The Bangles is something like indian food lei geh actually... lol...
so really can eat outside my house nearby... mamak also can find le =P
no photo currently... waiting for other people to send lor :O

after the gathering... took the group photo... tis and that... blow blow water.. den ciao go station 1 yumcha again...~~~ haha... too free rite =P
hehe... continue blow water in station 1 xD
not much people... but then feel more comfortable with the own group of fren =)
after that san sui lur... damn tired... and sleepy now... hehe =P

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


nowadays at night back from somewhere outside...
owiz look up in the sky... ;D
this month like owiz i look up... owiz alot of stars above~
clear sky... lots of stars =P
wonder if there is really a field dat i can really lay down and just look up the sky =)
haha... well maybe there is... is just that maybe is hard to find a place like that in a busy city...

Friday, June 8, 2007


hey... just back from damansara jaya blitzone...
guess what... just back home... look up in the sky...
tonight damn alot of star in the sky... all bright bright one :D
sat 5minute outside looking up in the sky... hope can see it with u ;p

nothing much today... my voice is really gone for like 80%...
lol... got worst after go liao blitzone... thanks to the chi kek ness of the game...
no voice liao... >.< very sunfu now T_T

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


getting sicker and sicker...
this morning already feel that my throat very dry...
started sore throat already =(
voice getting lower and lower... losing my voice... omg~
anyway... tomolo last day of exam...
but im 1/2 dead now ~_~
duno can tahan tomolo anot tim... ><
anyway... everybody out there... take care lor...

nothing much to say...
these few days didnt go out at all...
nowadays damn lazy... =P
wake up already oso duwan go find thing eat.... >.<
make myself one day eat once... like diet hor...?
sometime hungry until like the stomach digesting itself... :O
haha.. a bit kua jeong hor =P

nowadays sleep late... didnt get a good sleep somemore... -.-
sleep 5am... wake up 11~12... thanks to soemtimes phone call... parents... nephew -.-
aih... not enuff sleep... late sleep... now causing pimple coming out again...
omg~~~ T_T
today suddenly sore throat and cough...
must because of not enuff sleep... =/
tomolo exam somemore.. now gimme some sickness...
anyway... hope everybody out there take care of themselves...
drink water... sleep more early... dun be like me orh...

Friday, June 1, 2007

it's 4pm and i haven't had any meal yet since i wake up...
didnt feel hungry or whatever...
zau lei sot jor... <_<
nowadays owiz late sleep... about 3~5 only get to sleep in bed...
worst thing is... i woke up very early... about 10~11...
can't sleep much... even i don't know why...
is either let ppl disturb from sleep... or sleep tak tenang...
why like this le ~~~

today going to stay at home, not going out...
been going out the pass 2 days... didnt even get to eat dinner with my parents...
last 2 day went cc... and promised my parents that i will be home for dinner tomolo...
and i fong my parents fei kei... haha...
like damn sui zai rite ><
neh... that wei chiang and kinfong suddenly come find me say want go and timesquare
kinfong get new job... need get attire... we 2 teman him get new cloth orh...
damn tired shopping... and i no 'sau wok' at all there... >.<
haha... the feeling of want buy and mm seh tak buy... make me didnt get anything at all... <_<
they come liao... went to shopping oso damn late liao...
late enuff need to fong my parents fei kei... and teman them eat...
haha... nvm la... today i whole day at home... sure won't fong my parents fei kei liao this time... :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clan Msia Dota

haha... just back from Subang FTZ cybercafe...
play 5v5 dota with clan people...
damn long no play like that liao for 1 year + due to i dun login blueserver anymore...
haha... actually nothing much special...
but then that... snowy.snowie this time got come... lol..
the last time i saw her was like last year chinese new year... o_o
so long liao no see... like more leng jor somemore... hahaha... ;p
hmm... nothing much le...

haha... tomolo exam... oso go out takei...
sei tak lor... need good luck myself again tomolo...
really hope i can blow as much as i can for tomolo exam... =O

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sul'thraze The Lasher !!!

I damn happy !!!
At last i got my epic 2h weapon in World of Warcraft !!!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~!!!! damn happy lork !!!! XD
after so many days... at last XD

Thursday, May 24, 2007


just don't say no

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

guess what... i slept at 5am and actually woke up at 9.30am..
damn sleepy when wake up...
no choice... yesterday mm siu sum... ajak dou my parents that i will follow them out...
huhuhu~ T_T mm shui lo lei shui jor lor...
well... today really was a tiring day...
i went to my college to get the something call Exam Pass... and then had our "branch" i guess...

well... do u guys believe in "chinese calendar" ? lol
well... b4 i went out... i saw the calendar saying something like "today is the worst day of the month" o.O" and more is Hare/Rabbit : Bad... wa... like so "ceh" like that...
but then... sometime u really need to believe those thing...
cause after having our makan... all havent pakai sit belt... lol...
let police nampak dou... kena makan wang...
sei babi ah... rm20 oso wan makan... like pengemis like that... -_-
aih suan la... lucky not i driving... haha =P

den after all that... i follow my dad to his working factory...
well... i didnt follow my mom go shopping with his friend... cause... no money =(
go or not oso same one >.<
stay in the office... saw my dailou there... my cousin who is working for his and my father...
and my those uncle (dad's bro) lor...
go there sit sit... chat chat... use the com... nothing to do... go down see those worker do stuff...
haha... when they free that time... yumcha time... they have the time to chor dai di... damn soong... =P

nothing much liao le... after it... went back home and sleep...
damn sleepy sial... now oso sleepy lioa... haha...
T_T good luck to myself...

Monday, May 21, 2007








Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've one of the best dream i ever have... lol...
i had a confession to her in my dream o.o...
well thing went well in dream i guess...
dunno le... guess can't really remember properly and 100%'ly~
den suddenly one sms woke me up from my sleep... =_="
stupid yik hin~ >_<

nothing much... just wanna show my "workstation" :O
haha... >.<

Saturday, May 19, 2007


just back from yumcha at station 1 with wei chiang and hoi qhnn...
walau... today friday only already full house...
all people sitting so low... we 3 people standing... >.<
need to sit outside while wait for table inside...

nothing much to do le...
mai yumcha lor
blow blow ha... complain complain ha... zha lei zha hui...
dunno them 2 man...
keep complaining about their gf -_-
say this a bit a bit den lau chan lar... mafan la... say change liao about before and after la...
wa... banyak problem like that...
i dunno le... nvr been in a relationship...
they keep saying they miss single life... haih...
well i guess this is life...
single got problem... relationship oso got problem... waseh... >.<

Friday, May 18, 2007

ah... my hair...

noooooooo............ my hair.......... got shorter quite alot.....
take alook by yourself =(
can't even tie already~~~

worst sleep

i guess i have the worst sleep in my life yesterday night...
not really sure what happen...
while sleeping yesterday... suddenly my arm doesn't feel really right...
all of the sudden in pain... causing me rolling all over my bed... -_-
my head was like on the otherside of the bed...
stomach also feeling pain at a moment that time...
causing me doesn't get to sleep soundly...
sigh... damn night...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

not in luck

damn it la...
today damn bad luck...
see chinese calendar oso say like that.... Hare : Bad
haih... cham cham... yesterday broke... today... broke + broke

today suddenly my dad masuk my room gimme something and nag...
"u see what is this... so pandai la... drive so fast... tell u already kesas that highway those police owiz hide and speed trap one la... see... dun kena... kena 2 ar..."
i was like... ha? wtf? -_- and panicked because scare that my dad know how fast i drive...
because normally i chan that i highway i dun see my meter that time... is about 140...
then i see...
date 11/04/2007 Jam 1007
Laju Dikesan 104km/h
had laju 90km/h

date 12/04/2007 Jam 0958
Laju Dikesan 105km/h
had laju 90km/h

u need money oso no need so geng... 2 consecutive day la...!!!
sei babi !!! brainless !!!
so free go mamak stall and drink teh la...
sit down there speed trap oso no teh drink one...
last time when i study in taylor that time so long oso dun kena...
now recently only kena... meh si orh dailou...
sucks la...

parents at dinner that time nag...
"so clever la... kena saman... see still there drive so fast anot...
ppl speed limit only 90km/h ah"
aiyor... who dunno... but den... driving 90km/h.. how to tahan !!!
can fall asleep one lor... ppl drive left and middle lane i oso feel they driving 90 liao la =.=
sux la... haih...
suan le ba...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


yay ! declare bankrupt now !
the last few ringgit oso need spend out...
thanks to hein hoong !!!
he purposely come my hse and fetch me to DJ !
omg... im broke... can hide at home for the pass few days until pocketmoney is given... =(
very cham... can't go out... can't date people out... can't do anything la... in short...
now owe people money somemore... cham cham cham...
yik hin ah.. hein hoong ah... pay u back as soon as possible kay ?
remember me about it... in case i forgot... =P *hope u 2 forgot oso lol*

Monday, May 14, 2007

Completed Tom's Stickers

just back from the workshop... hehe...
damn nice i feel... I FEEL... other i dunno la >.<
parents nag again... sien le... owiz say the same thing
"wah... new thing again ah... ? u make until so 'yah' later ppl 'lau' u race how ? ppl lau u, u dun choi him i tell u !" bla bla bla~ -_-"
sien la owiz say the same thing... make it nice... not must race one ma... right ?
aiks... parents nowadays...
anyway... declare bankrupt now...!!!
haha... deep shit really now -_-...

very not feeling good again !!!
her personal message is really bugging me tonight !!!
Hen Fan ah ~~!!!

Cancer - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:

You're intuitive enough to know what's going wrong in a relationship early on
A total sweetheart - you're often the most caring person anyone knows
You are a generous and devoted parter to whoever you fall in love with

Your negative traits:

Insecurity - you tend to need a huge amount of comforting from your partner
You tend to be overly sensitive and easily hurt, which make loving you difficult
It's difficult to predict your moods. One minute you're up - the next you're down.

Your ideal partner:

Someone equally sensitive, who wants to take time to get to know you deeply
Dreams of an everlasting love - complete with marriage and a family
Loves to take care of you. Being a good cook and masseuse doesn't hurt!

Your dating style:

Slow. You enjoy dates that last all day, with plenty of time to talk and get to know one another.

Your seduction style:

Quite tender and loving, once you are comfortable in your relationship.
Coy. You tend to play it cool to drive your lover wild.
Orally talented - you're known as the best kisser in the zodiac.

Tips for the future:

Be a little less sensitive. Not every little mistake should hurt you.
Spend time away from your partner every so often - independence is a good thing.
Find ways to take care of yourself. You'll be happier if you put yourself first.

Best color to attract mate: Aqua

Best day for a date: Wednesday

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day


Listen to mother's words
Don't let her get hurt
Want to quickly grow up
Then I can protect her
The beautiful white hair
Sprouting in happiness
The angel's magic
Benevolent in warmth

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Car Decal Sticker

lalala~~~ added side decal sticker for my laopoh !!!
hahaha... so leng lui jor... ^_^
but den got some problem =(
those people make it got problem...
monday need to go there again and fix it...
now 2 tempat different... T.T
dun worry..!!! i will make u more leng den before geh !!! I Promise !!! :D

PMS ? *lol*

just came back from SJ FTZ cc...
damn tired now... is omost 5am already... dunno what's wrong with me...
like people PMS only... keep finding people and scold and curse...
scary huh ?
as if i finding people to argue and takao like that...
dunno why~ what's wrong with me ?!?!?!?!
is it been to long since i been into a fight ? or issit something else ?
geez.... i dunno la... >.<"
it's been okie cause i keep scolding people that i dun even know in cc during the game...
even in life...
i think i've gone crazy for the moment !!! hahahaha !!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


All Hope Is Not Lost

funny... today went timesquare with weay chorng and his gf...
feel damn paiseh and tin tang tam oso... :S
aih... what to do... damn bored at home...
and damn emo if whole day at home like yesterday...
free that time... think alot of stupid thing make ownself feel not good...

went to Low Yat Plaza... go see see and update myself...
haha... its been like 2months+ since i didnt go to Bukit Bintang that area...
no ppl teman me go =(
went there bought a memory card reader...
old one spoiled... >_<
haha... i even bought a handphone pocket... or whatever is called...

erm... nothing much to say le...
still the same moody me...
but better den yesterday =)
thanks weay chorng...

Monday, May 7, 2007

S.I.E.N !

very mm song today...
today whole day at home...
feel damn uncomfortable and very emo whole day...
end up don't have the mood to do anything...
feel that I'm a person that cannot stay quiet and alone...
feel like dying like that today...
if few more days continue like this.. i think i will die soon -_-
HELP !!!

meanwhile nothing to do...
think alot of stupid thing that make myself more emo...
this is damn stupid... can't be help...
today whole day just wake up... do nothing... eat... 4 something go sleep again...
until dinner wake up... eat again...
what life is this =(

whenever there is wei chiang and kinfong, there sure that they are dissapointed at me...
haha... sometimes i find it funny when they bring that topic out...
wc : what u waiting for... so long liao...
kf : yala... we all so supporting... support u so long liao...
wc : yala.. waste our effort only >=( kf, next time no need diu 9 him lioa... see him sien jor...
kf : yalo... mm moi diu 9 lei jor... but den i still got help him le... how ? (LoL)
wc : -_-

haha... i always end up speechless in front of them dunno what to say to them o_o
haha la boss... sorry for dissapointing u guys... i know u all also for my own good...
i also dunno why... izzit because i still there is a gap between us that i can't say out ?
or issit im just not good at this ? coward ? afraid ?

I only left how long ago and I have started to
Worry about whether or not you are living happily today
The whole screen is you
Thinking of you so much that I cannot sleep
Pouted lips, that lovable appearance
And the sweet-smelling taste on your body
My happiness is you
Thinking of you so much that I will smile
Without you here, I find it very hard to endure
(Without you here I find it hard to endure and I have a lot of annoyance)
Without you annoying me, I have a lot of annoyance
(Without you annoying me, I have a lot of annoyance and find it hard to endure)
Cut through layers of clouds
I am trying to make efforts to run in a hurry towards you
Love only then is delivered
But you are already in someone else's arms
That is I cannot speak
To let her know
I will definitely scold loudly protecting you
I will also tease you to laugh
You are very important to me
I regret
Not letting you know
Quietly listening to you acting like a spoiled child
Looking at you sleeping
Constantly until when we're old
That is I cannot speak
To let her know
That is such a few simple words
I am unable to manage
The whole heart hanging in mid air
I can only
Watch from far away
These I can accomplish
But that person is already not me

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I've been helping quite a number of people with their problem last time...
love, family, friend, etc...
though time consuming for them... it did work =)
on the other hand...
its funny sometimes where thing works for others and not myself...
can help others... cant help myself... =S
cowardice~ drags me down~ no... i dragging myself down...
can't blame anybody...
avoiding it...
nowadays been to CC to kept myself not thinking about...
started like 2months ago...
after leaving DotA, leaving cybercafe aside for like a year...
the need of it to clear my mind...

somethings are better off not knowing...
but not knowing or don't want to know is like avoiding something...
leaving things unsolve will end up in regretness...
regretness bringing it together to the grave is really something not really worth it...
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time...
it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3 !

just back from midvalley...
watched spiderman 3 !!!
haha... not bad la the movie... can tahan =P
seriously... i like venom the most !!! xD
b4 watch spiderman 3.. i already like venom more...
purpose of watching tis movie oso is because of venom...

well the venom in this movie is quite different from the one in the comic...
cause in the comic one is much more yauyeng and more dai jek :D
hehe... ntg much to say le... >.< very cham today wake up whole day at home only...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007




A City Without You

In a city without you, loneliness is everywhere
I'm like a child who needs a hug
I live and sleep with my hardship
In days without you, I have no more happiness

I wear the clothes and shoes you once wore
I've worn them on every street, trying to be your shadow
I read the books you read, and watch the TV you watched
Remembering your posture when you were asleep

I just like doing these things for you
This is one way of letting me remember you
I remember you once said it's very meaningful
I care about everything you say

Without you, in a city without you
I've become a man without love or warmth
I miss you, whenever I miss you
Yours is the name I softly, quietly shout in my heart

Without you, in a city without you
There's nobody to tell me a story before I fall asleep
I miss you, whenever I miss you
I draw many pictures of you on paper, pictures of you

A city without you...

Sunday, April 29, 2007


help ah... assignment doing due on this coming thursday...
and im just doing like the 2nd page... =(
can't really concentrate on my assignment maybe due to the long "holiday"
start doing that time... not after 1/2 hour... tak han tak han open drama and watch...
haha... really cant concentrate properly !!! den later go download song here and there...
feel like go out DJ takei somemore... ahhh... dunno la
hahaha... sux la... cannot go on like this liao... >.<>.<>.< cant even do thing right... feel so useless sometimes...
issit because people in the show at that age are more mature compare to now me ?
they can actually do anything to get to know people that they don't know...
aih.. dunno what i'm talking oso... dun mind me...

Saturday, April 28, 2007



Tiring Day

had a badminton game at setapak again this afternoon at 4
play 2 hours there with my friend
dunno why feel damn tired today after playing
well, i don't think is tired after playing sorry... =P
is after we had our japanese buffet after game...
we planned this for like 1 week b4 liao one...
thanks to CK saying "wei, when go shinichi ah ? very long no go eat liao"
haha... after this decide next week eat that is this week and today =P

after badminton, on the way back to my house,
waseh... damn jam man... dunno why...
from setapak went back my home took about 1hour...
i sit in the car oso feel bored already, dont say the one who is driving,
lucky im not the only driving =P
took bath and then went out to go Saisaki ! :D

aiyor on the way there... also jam another 1 hour -_-"
what a day... all was like damn hungry...
Reason of jam this time : some idiot go close one road to put up some lighting
my gawd la... at least do this during the midnight la..
6~8 this kind of time all people want balik makan after office hour...
they go put lighting and close the road... 3 lane become 1 lane... what la don't jam
sometimes i really feel those people really no brain or what la...
took another 1 hour from my house to the restaurant again... -_- bored jor
damn hungry... got table liao... duwan wait liao... staightaway go get our food...
fuiyoh... didnt sit quite long la... 2 hour only... cause late liao... =(

after dinner... all go back lor... all damn tired...
wa... today me go back home... sit com not even 10minit cannot tahan liao...
after eat damn bao liao... and damn tired... 12am already sleeping...
sei for lor... eat not long ago... den go sleep liao... this time sure dunno gain weight again =(
didnt sleep quite long la... i sleep until 2am already wake up...
sit back my com... oso dunno do what... Go watch my new downloaded Drama...!!!
hahahaha.... 写意人生 not bad not bad :D
watch jor 2 episode =P anyone interested ?

after watching already 5am... haha time pass so fast >.<
yet i havent sleep blogging this...
actually tried to sleep back one la... cant dunno why =(
only sleep 2 hour wei... please... i want to sleep back !!!
i dunno tahan until tomolo morning brekafast ah !!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Every year, every month, every day
Without you, I'm always missing a little something
Facing the challenges before me, I'm like a broken arrow
Powerless to move onwards, I have no tomorrow

But when (As long as) I think of you, then I have endless courage
Close my eyes, take a deep breath, then move forward with new meaning
No matter if the earth shakes and mountains crumble, as long as you're in my heart
This life is full of miracles, love is the force behind everything

How much wind? How many clouds? How much rain?
I hid from it before, but I'll have to meet them again
I've emptied my heart, used up my strength, yet I've still lost to Heaven
Sinking into darkness, in loneliness

No matter if I have to strive over a million times, or where my dreams are
If I empty my heart or use up my strength
Or lose myself in the end

With love, anything is possible

Monday, April 23, 2007

So "on" today ;D

today like so on man...
let people wake up sms saying play badminton anot about 12pm...
still sleeping soong soong one lor... stupid yik hin -_-
ask him play badminton anot... reply back him anything just call people then i go...
den went back to sleep =P continue sleep back until 1pm++ suang dou ah XD
woke up and went down for breakfast... tabao'ed...
my dailou oso came with dai sou... and my nephew :D
very bad la me... didnt actually ying chow them...
just woke up... my hair all like hantu... lol... end up hiding in my room blur blur dei... :p

sit down in front com online lor... listen song pass time...
yik hin call me say no people go la... cancel le... ok lor...
then six/kidx msn me say he going come my house...
i was like "ha ? oh okie la... anything"
then he say "wei... raining la..."
me " aiya... u sit lrt come la... no need fan... i fetch u at ampang lrt la"
he "ok ok... come later"
haha.. sau gong liao =p
den not long after.. yik hin call me again... wei.. i go fren go liao...
i was like... "wtf ? just now say no people go now got people go... i got fren coming... not free liao"
den he oso like "diu... okie lo..." aiya... sorry la... u yat si yat yeong... i oso duwan one -.-"

later 4something six called say reach liao... have to go out fetch him... a bit mafan... >.<>.<>.< le ="(">.<

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Is it really weekend ?

seriously today i don't feel like is a weekend at all...
eventhough i dunno why issit...
yesternight came back like 2am++
den slept like 4++ woke up at 12pm by a phone call...
woke up already took my breakfast...
just wake up... start coughing whole day nonstop...
the old illness is back =(
the stupid cough is like can make me cough until have the feeling of throwing out...
took some medicine and den lay on the bed watching Prison Break...
Watch 1/2 den fall asleep already...
hahaha... really slept liao like whole day already today
woke up at 4pm by a phone call again from wei chiang...
saying "eh today HH bday... no plan ?" "got... maybe yumcha later gua... later i call people 1st le"
den wake up... call some people out... took bath...
wei chiang and others arrive all at my house later on...
they all came in my house 1st cause it was really too early to have dinner that time
they all came into my room and it was like so crowded in room...
all sit on the bed...
some play ps2... some play my com... some dug out my magazine and read...
some nothing for them to do... haha... sorry la bro... donno how to serve u all >.<>.<
dunno why... didnt talk much with them today whole session... maybe sitting off too far away each other... end the yumcha session so early... back home at 1am only... aih... still got so many more hours b4 my bed time...
help le.. very boring now T.T seriously dun feel like it is like a weekend today to me at all !!!
Feel so...... LIFELESS TODAY !!! =(

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I will change back my dream to be an ideal
I will walk to the end that everyone desire
within the spreading darkness
we exchanged the promised of our revolution
nobody will ever stand in my way since I won't allow it
our future is reflected in the fruit
I will show you a shining world

Monday, April 16, 2007

Your fragile, folded wings
are just tired from the pure blue sky
You don't have to force your smiles for anyone
It's okay to smile for youself
Hearing your sweet voice didn't always hurt
It's too late to block it from the inside
I want to take back our time, but luck and karma are against me
There are no words, but your eyes can't hide what you want to say
I don't even know anymore
Try to bury it deep down, okay ?
We don't need that sky if we're free to swim
Even if you won't talk about yesterday
I'll still be there to meet you tomorrow

Sunday, April 15, 2007

fuiyoh... yesterday slept at 6am...
boil "Prison Break" until finish season 1...
damn chi kek that show...
seriously this show recommend to everyone to watch...
now going to start Season 2... but need to finish my assignment 1st le >.<
sleep liao after watching...
let people kacau me wake up at 11 asking me weather wan badminton anot...
den later on sleep back... den another call me again... kacau lar !

after badminton game in Setapak...
damn tired lor... damn on form today xD
parents going for wedding dinner soon... left me alone @.@
haha... now planning to go DJ takei and find people eat dinner =P
k... go take bath den go out lur... :p

PC Fair...

ah... yesterday slept at 5am le...
let 2 people wake me up at 11... sien la...
mom call me on the phone to tabao for my grandma...
kinfong call me on the phone to go pc fair...
siao... damn not enuff sleep la...

had our breakfast then went go pc fair at 2pm like that
with heinhoong, kinfong, and yik hin...
fuiyoh... banyak orang sial...
I myself go there oso donno for what...
go there 'pik' saje... nothing to buy... walk around without target...
damn sleepy somemore while walking.. haha.. >.<>.<
okie le... go watch Prison Break =P

Saturday, April 14, 2007

omg... just came back from Blitzone, Damansara Jaya...
this is the latest i ever been from DJ...
damn tired liao man after the relaxation...
today spend liao rm14 at cybercafe...
wa didnt knew we played that long lor @.@
unbelievablely... our winning streak has ended at last !!!
lol... after that... driving on the way back home already 1/2 eye close...
weh... cannot tahan liao.. pi tidur sin... =P

Friday, April 13, 2007

Alpine CDE-9846E Bought !!!

Yes !!! At last i bought back my CD Player...
Bye bye "Brother's" !
The sound is like god damn clearer den my recent CD Player...
unbelivable la... haha... really very happy now =P
Purposely went from Pandan Indah check the price and it cost like RM700 there, and then Yik hin say there is another shop in Wangsa Maju
Purposely "chan" there to check it up and surprisingly there only cost rm550...
OMG... I'm damn glad dat I did went there man... :D
haha... after buying that... I'm broke now too at the same time =(
hehe... dun care la... ALPINE XD !

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I saw a dream that nobody ever seen...
I threw away all unneeded things...
Feeling within my heart...
Still going between reality and ideals...
Even if my feet are under pressure from handcuffs of sacrifice...
Too much overflowing in weight...
I wish to be strong since I have a heart...
Various negativity...
I am not weak enough to be captured by them...
A trickster who doesn't know loneliness...



i really wanna start my damn assignment... but don't have the inspiration in doing it... =(
somemore headache now ah.... haih...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Testing 1 2 3

Testing 1 2 3