Friday, December 5, 2008

30th Nov - 4th Dec 2008 Starcruise Trip

Went for a holiday trip with my family.
Take a break from KL.
From the computer. Back yesterday and lazy to upload anything =P.

First up when aboard. BBQ on the Pool Deck !

The Pool. Lai yeh the first time i jumped in. The water is salty. Think is sea water or something >_< The Hallway. Turn right and is the casino. Spent most of the time inside there with my parents lol.2nd day. Reach Phuket,Thailand.

The Bitch... Ops... I mean beach =x

Phuket, one of the worst place that was hit by Tsunami if you guys still remember.
Well, I forgot when was it... see how nice is phuket now. One of the Hotel beside the beach.

Went to the Elephant Park. This elephant damn smart do a lot of trick. The Hoop, know how to kiss people on the face, drawing and others o.O.

The cashew nut tree.

Next stop, Singapore. Their Harbourfront.
This is the Orchard Street. Decorated for the coming Christmas.The Chinatown. Too early. Shop still haven't open >_< Dark Cloud @@

P.s : Damn alot lenglui in SG !