Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 Week In Macau and Guangzhou

Lazy tell story. Nothing much le. In short, eat, sleep,walk around, play.
Venetian, One of the newest casino in Macau

The famous Beijing Road in Guangzhou. Every night also busy one.
The shopping centre in Beijing Road. See the lighting o.o
Seafood dinner at Wan Chai. Something special, u buy those seafood outside of the restaurant and u bring it in the restaurant for them to cook o.O

The diamond as big as my thumb, dunno how many carat, at the lobby of Lisboa Hotel Lobby O.o
The owner of Lisboa Casino + Hotel
Grand Lisboa Casino

The Lighting

The Street in Macau
Grand Lisboa Entrance
"Dai San Ba" Street

*Rawr*! Egg Tart ^^

The front part of the Church which is left over after the war

Right Wing
Left Wing
The view from above
Through the window
Behind the wall
wow.. SKILL!

The "Gold Tree" in Wynn Casino Hotel

Shopping Center in the Casino. All also expensive stuff. LV, Versace, Dunhill etc.etc.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Genting !

Day 1 : Went Genting Highland with 3 of my friends.
2 went for some "business", (Ah Fui & Ah Gan)
1 was not really in mood so don't want let him be alone at home, so we drag him along with us but he end up busy doing assignment so he brought a laptop along go Starbucks/Coffeebean let him do :x. (BTeck)
Me ? Me go there for fun =D

Went there yesterday which is Saturday and just back on Sunday. Just a 1 night trip.
Reach Genting at around 3. Went for the ticket counter to get our number for hotel. We took a queue at 782. Guess what ? The current number was only 501. What the... fun ?! Wait so long... "Ngau dou sei ah" (Cow also die ah). Walk here and there, sit down stand up, dun dare go so far scare pass our number. In the end, also beh tahan liao. Don't care the queue.. go take KFC first. Rush like mad lo. Rush liao come back, the number only 710 -_-~. About 1/2 hour in the end also reach liao. Took the room, throw all the thing in the room, wait we didn't straight went out, All went to sleep lol wtf ?

After resting, we went out walking around. Spotting "people". Didn't take dinner yet cos the KFC is still making us quite full. We went for the arcade to have some games. Some picture taken by me in the arcade.

woot ? 2 Rambo...
Gan, the serious Rambo
Fui, the hamsapface Rambo ? o.o

After the game, went dinner then walk around again. Until BTeck want go do assignment liao. Me and Fui went in casino with everyone "modal". RM50 Each lol. Put alot of hope on Fui cause he used to be Dealer in Genting also. BTeck and Ah Gan didn't went in to the Casino cos didn't bring their "shoe" along, wasted. Ending : Tabao~. Me lucky take out another RM50 go play slot machine and guess what ? I won back my RM50 lol ! Fast fast cash out take back my RM50 go limteh. Hoho. Then BTeck called me "wei, how situation ?" "You all tabao adi" I replied ~ After kena tabao liao, walk everywhere around Genting lor den go back room tabao ourselves.

Day 2. Wake up, check out. We took our breakfast in Causeway Bay, neh those like Char Chan Teng. as expected lo eat at genting, the price x 2 of KL >.<. After breakfast, go walk another round before leaving. Syok liao drive back go in the, you know the temple before and after going up/down Genting. Went there for a walk. Seriously haven't been there before and this time was the first time for me. I'm not Christian nor Buddhism. Go there for fun and took some photo.
Took from Genting to "Genting Leg"
The Kwan Yin
erm... Yu Loi Fatt Zou ?
The Pagoda

End of Trip

This picture makes me think of someone >_< *aih~*
more detail : The worm