Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Genting Trip 27th-28th April 2009

Was excited before getting our journey started.
Excited until can't sleep much. Slept at 1 and woke up at 5 liao.
The plan was to fetch everyone and reach Fui's house at 9.
5 to 8 the time what I did ? Watch movie and wait time pass lo Haha.

Members : Me, Fui, Gan, Daniel, Nick, Jia Wen, Jing Wen and Catherine.
Okay after reaching Fui's house and gather everyone, went and have our breakfast and Connaught middle there the Dim Sum dunno what name.
Breakfast kau tim, start our journey around 10.30am.
Drive drive drive ~~~ weeee~ Genting Skyway (Cable Car) =D

Reach Top of mountain Genting Highland 1pm.
Call up Fui to meet up. Why ? He want to drive up wor. Okie~
Gather up at First World Hotel.
Fuyoh Monday, working day, also need to wait queue to check in almost 300 in queue.
What to do ? We went sit sit in Starbuck to pass time. Sit liao also beh tahan.
Dunno why the queue until so slow... 20minute only pass 10++ people only.
Beh tahan, went to Nick's gf room sit there pass time. Chat chat, chor dai di.
Unbelievable time pass very pass, pass our queue number. But it's okie let Gan kau tim liao.
Throw our stuff and go shopping lur~

The Girls

After walking around the shop in First World Hotel, Gan and Jing Wen got tired and wanted to take bath.
We continue our own activity with the remaining of us.
We went and have some pool game.

She won Daniel ! Don't play play

"Drink water la" !!! lol =x

In the end also everyone tired and needed to take bath.
After all those, all rushed for dinner cause our next activity is to watch movie.
Had dinner in Causeway Bay.

Movie : The Sniper

We bought the ticket RM15. Why so expensive ah ?
We bought premier seat ! With Osim/Ogawa chair (dunno the brand)
The movie not bad though. The problem is the chair is in the most front row.
Too close to the screen. The chair too comfortable making me want to sleep then watching the movie XD but then suddenly very bad luck. Me and Jia Wen's chair got problem. Can't operate suddenly. Terpaksa sit normal sit behind of us 2 rows which can really enjoy the movie properly.

After the movie, only 10:30pm. The night is still young to go Safari for clubbing.
Me, Fui and Catherine decide to go to the Casino first. Yes Casino Baby~!
Too bad, those underage can't go. Which reflect us feel so old ! >.<> Dance !

Of all I was the most drunk. All still know what they did and how to go back to the hotel.
Me ? How the hell I went back and what I did I also dunno lol.
Knew what happen after everyone told me. Embarassing x_x Paiseh xD
Dowan tell, only the people know knows. Dunno don't need to know kay =p

The next day, after getting all drunk and tired, Daniel kacau me wake up at 7:30am.
What the !!! Still okie dunno why. All woke up thanks to him liao really >.< 7 people 1 room. took about 2 hours for everyone to prepare, make up this and that. Heh~ For breakfast, we went to Hainan Kitchen in First World Hotel.

Breakfast liao, Next ! Outdoor Theme Park !
Fui's cousin not free yet, need to wait for him to help us buy cheaper ticket to go outdoor.
While waiting for his cousin, go have fun in the video arcade first.

Basketball pro o.o

Omg sei taukei ! lol =P

Fui's cousin free, time for Outdoor Theme Park !


Spaceshot !

Heading back to get our luagage after our outdoor theme park. Time to head back to KL.
Well actually next and last stop... Look out Point, Hulu Langat !
Had dinner there before fetching everyone back =)
Had dinner at Gasoline.

****** Journey end ******

Extra Picture

Me and Fui

Fui and Daniel

Yeng la... We Know...

Group picture !


你说你最近 爱上了一个
我想你只是 重新爱上了

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Did nothing much today, call up Ah Heng out for breakfast/brunch.
Went to Mui Yi Pan Mee with him.
Soon bin return the racket to Ah Fui which he call me that he need it today.
After eating, nothing much to do liao. Same thing Ah Heng went to my house and play Ps2 Winning Eleven while I sit in front of my comp browsing net and watch some movie that I downloaded recently.

and yeah, 25th April is my mom birthday. :D
Had dinner in "Hong La Qiao" which means Red Chili with relatives
Nothing much to say. Eat Eat Drink Drink.
My Parents and my nephewYes Alcohol Baby !

Friday, April 24, 2009


After quitting World of Warcraft the online game for almost 2months, my life have been like going out, not home, yumcha, blow water and etc. Which is good I think. Even quit gaming at home whatever game. Nothing much to do when I do not go out. The only time I touch gaming like dota is when to entertain people when I'm in Cybercafe. Yes to no addicting gaming ! Dunno what I'm saying also, just so bored at home. Don't mind me...