Monday, August 31, 2009


没有了记忆... 仇很还在吗... ?

watch this movie 2 days ago
blogging about this movie because really got a bit of meaning in this
and also very pity about the main actor Johnny Hallyday that plays Francis Costello in the movie

François Costello arrives in Hong Kong ostensibly to find work as a cook. In fact, he is here to avenge the death of his daughter and her family, who were murdered by hired killers. Twenty years before, Costello was a professional hitman... As Costello's memory is fading away, three professional killers, Kwai, Chu and Lok, are sought to help him complete his revenge plan. Arriving in Hong Kong, they soon lose in recognizing the friend and enemy.

He's alone and lost in Hong Kong.
It's impossible on your own because people in the street don't speak any English.
I really felt out of the loop, like Costello in the film.
And for him to lose his memory all of a sudden and not remembering anything about the past.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

21-08-2009 Trip to Rawang - Batu Arang

Member : Me, Fui, Hai Tang & Ah Loong
We already plan to go somewhere before my exam even ended
In the end, plan to go to Batu Arang which is Fui's hometown/kampung
Started our journey at 7 and reach his house at 9
After we put down our bag and stuff
Went to go rounding around his kampung
by car ?
no no
by motorcycle ! =D

Fui's house

Woohoo~ Hai Tang & Loong in front of us

Nothing much to at night oh~ so went snooker

The Two Motorcycle

Fui's room

after snooker and yumcha nearby, went back home and rest le very late already ><

The next day

After our breakfast meal, go around see again
cos yesterday night very dark ma can't really see properly de
now morning can see everything clearly

the lake near fui's house


Fui bring us to the waterfall
Let's start climbing up the mountain to the top waterfall !
Here contains about 7 waterfall @@

Hai Tang : No Problem la climb mountain je ma~

*Start walking~*

Ah Loong and Fui very far ahead ><

eee ? not say no problem one mer ? lol

First Waterfall

the 2nd waterfall that we saw
our first stop due to all very tired cannot continue climb liao >_<

Our last stop waterfall

Me & Fui


Me and Hai Tang
After going to waterfall and all those tired climbing
went back to the house and get some rest before going to Kuala Selangor to have our seafood meal.

After resting still early to have our meal~
went to dunno what place liao >_< see pic lu~

erm~ the sunset~


erm~ no comment XD


Muahahahaha xD

wondering~ why baby monkey different color from the mother one @@

damn a lot monkey

The place around the seafood area in Kuala Selangor


The seafood place~


After seafood get back on our way back to the city life~
had fun though =)



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


went to find Ah Fook and Hein Hoong for dinner
went to Kuchai Lama Shabu Shabu
not bad... eat like crazy and nonstop...
stomach oso want burst...
cost rm28.80 per pax

After dinner, nothing to do...
went movie with them...
bought 11.40pm ticket Land of the Lost
still early... it's only 10pm
what to do ?
went video arcade and Brewball for pool to pass time
watched the movie...
funny like hell =)



slept at 3something yesterday after movie
damn tired still woke up at 7
becos yesterday eat a lot
yeok already Hai Tang they all for jogging morning exercise at Bandar Tun Razak Park
Fui and Ah Loong ffk in the end
left back me and Hai Tang nia >_<
after jogging find Fui for our morning breakfast
nothing much eat breakfast then go cc to have some game to pass time