Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I seriously don't get it why people can really go to cybercafe for almost everyday playing the same game for almost few years.
Yeah, you guys know what that shit is okie.
Doesn't that shit bore you ?
Same shit, same thing, same game plan.
There is so much more meaningful thing to be done in life and there can be so no life going to cybercafe playing the same thing over and over again.
They knew that there isn't going to be any electricity during the day.
They still make a gamble to go to the cybercafe to see if it can be play.
I was like Oh my god, there is a time for you to rest and do other thing.
Take a fucking break man.
Damn fucking no life.
The most funniest thing I ever heard is someone said "Wah you paying rm600 for your phone bill... u might as well use that rm600 to use and takei better..."
LoL people got a life please...
Get a Life and GTFO